Local, State, & Federal Construction

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVO), DARE-CASE Contracting Services is assertive with our future and growth, utilizing Government Contracts, and Government Finder and Notification Services that publish multiple levels of general Government opportunities.

As an SDVO Business, determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs, we are a verified company that is provided federal contracting offers in restricted competition for bid contracts. Under this type of Government Construction; on, hospitals, structures, remodels, and additions, we are contracted under the Construction Contract agreement to provide construction services directly to the department, agency, or establishment of that branch of Government (Local Government, Federal Government, and State Government).

We work with other subcontractors in framing, insulation, carpentry and flooring, excavators, concreters, painters, architects, and landscapers, to provide the most qualified and secure construction contract by that agencies requirements and outlines.

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