Dental, Medical, & Commercial Construction

At DARE-CASE Contracting, we specialize in construction contracting for Dental and Medical Office Building and Construction for New Offices and Office remodels and renovations throughout the Grand Junction area and across the Western Slope. We recognize the growth of this industry and promote 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure that our dental and medical office customers continue to use our contracting services for their General Practices’ development.

We understand the importance of quality and offer professional design-build and site-specific, innovative patient friendly environments; patient rooms and waiting areas, contemporary office and laboratory spaces, while under the best affordable budget while using top systems integrations and streamlined approach for any size project.

We recognize the needs for operations of todays' dental and medical equipment installation, dental equipment and cabinetry installation, and systems involvement of up and coming practices. And strive to become the leading contracting service of dental and medical office commercial construction across the Rocky Mountains.

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