Jolley Smiles Orthodontics

Jolley Smiles Orthodontics Office Expansion

Currently under construction

Project Design and Construction Value:  $150,000

The Jolley Smiles Orthodontics expansion is a design-build project that is intended to add four additional bays, with an additional privacy room, two offices, and a significant increase in the seating area.  The project is nearly 1200sqft which doubles the useable space for their current office.

DARE-CASE is committed to performing a successful project for Jolley Smiles as they have in past projects for Mr. Jolley, and will continue to work with in the future.

October 2015 – Jolley Smiles Addition & Remodel Projects:

We love working with Dare-Case Contracting. They're work ethic is superb and they are attentive to our needs. Every project has turned out how we first envisioned it...Dare-Case Contracting listens to their customers and they work diligently to stay under budget. Our three projects have been done on time and within the budget we set up at the get go...”

October 27, 2015 – Jolley Smiles Addition & Remodel Projects:

I have always been impressed with how much hands-on work Darrin and Chad put into each project. They have always been so attentive to our design ideas in each project. Any last minute changes or issues are always dealt with quickly and with excellent communication...We (Jolley Smiles) specialize in giving people perfect, beautiful smiles, not building construction. Chad and Darrin have walked us through several projects with ease. When a change or issue has arisen, they have consistently been thorough and direct with the pros/cons and many options to resolve the issues. They have been extremely flexible with their personal schedules so that we could routinely meet at the project sites to review progress and address any issues or concerns...I could not be happier with our new building. I am able to work more comfortably and efficiently.

...Thanks Dare-Case for making this dream a reality!”

… Dr. Zachary Pitcher